About Us

The magazine “MADEBY” was created to promote the technical know-how and soft skills of men and women who invest planned and measurable efforts daily for the generation of economic and social wealth.

It has a practical and specific editorial policy of promoting trends, entrepreneur’s/consumer’s visions and a specific “African way of life”

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  • Follow Me : I admire, I congratulate, I copy ideas, technical skills…
  • News: National and international press review…
  • Business: I want to become rich
  • Roots: my tribe, my village, my town
  • Je Ya Mo : Miam miam…Kitchen corner
  • Kongossa: Announcements.
  • Advertorial: I stand out from.
  • Remember : Let’s revive our legends
  • Health: keep strong and beautiful.

It gathers, sorts, analyses and reports formal and informal information on topics positively impacting our society.